Snippets | August 2019

August was off to a slowish start, but by the middle of the month, things were going much better! I’ve been working with several key moments in the latter part of TAD2, so there are many spoilers around, but here are a few of my favorite snippets from this month.
    “Sometimes we make the unwise decisions because they feel like the best one we can make in the moment.”
    The whistling of birdsong joined with the distant sounds of the city waking up, and for a moment, she closed her eyes and took in the simplicity of it.
    He was trusting her to keep this secret. He was trusting her to bear the weight of it with him.
    This was all for the sake of a show, to make people talk. As long as there was an example to be made, the Order would make good use of the opportunity.
    “None of it matters.”
    “If it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t be standing here looking like you’ve been dragged through a fight.”
    He stepped back from her.
    None of it should have mattered, yet he still felt unsteadied.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. THAT FIRST ONE. Your writing always has such profound, though-provoking lines. GAH. LOVE IT! Love alllll of it! That last one sounds painful though. D: What are you doing to these poor children???


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