Welcome, Summer! | June 2019

A busy spring has given way to a busy summer, and I’m still adjusting to the arrival of the season. June’s happenings are a bit of a blur, but here are a few highlights from the month!
Honestly, writing was not my strongest point this month. I did finish two chapters that I am really excited about and continue to creep toward the end.

More flash fiction.
I wrote one story for June Promptlies, which was super fun. I also finished another flash fiction piece that I have some exciting and scary plans for…

Took The Assassin’s Daughter to a community library box!
Earlier this year, my local library system started hosting community library boxes, and so I took a copy of TAD to one of them. I am both excited and nervous.


I was a horrible blog-reader this month and don’t have any links. O_O So tell me: What were your favorite posts this month (from your blog or someone else’s!)?
Chose a new planner.
I’m putting together a blog post about how I’m setting this one up. There’s just something fun about getting a new planner and customizing it!

Enjoying stormy days.
Most of June was stormy here, and some of those days proved perfect for resting and recovering from the busyness of the rest of the month.

One of my cats had kittens and they are SO CUTE.

Attempting a workout challenge.
I missed a few days of the Blogilates Summer Sculpt challenge, but I’m happy with the progress I made. It was tough, but it was also encouraging to be able to accomplish a little more with each week than I could at the beginning of the month!
Is your summer shaping up to be super busy, very relaxed, or something in-between? Are you participating in Camp NaNo next month? Let’s chat!