Snippets | June 2019

Writing has been a slow endeavor this month, but here is a small collection of snippets from June’s freewriting sessions and TAD2 revisions.
     “When is it ever comforting to think someone else knows more about yourself than you do?”
     “Whatever you’re planning here, you’d best make it count for something or we’re all going to pay the price.”
     “If I didn’t know better, Councilor, I’d think you were offering me a way out.”

    “No. The last patrol went through ten minutes ago, like always.” He blinks and turns toward me. “They still arguing?”
     “I’m not sure I’d call it arguing so much as debating.”
    “Right.” He adjusts his grip on his rifle and returns his attention to the window. “They’d better be figuring something out soon if we’re going to make our move.”
     All his life he’d worked and fought and lied and listened and done all within his power to make himself worthy of even the slightest belief.
     And this was what he got in return?


  1. EEP! All your snippets always make me so curious to know what's all going on and what you're doing to these poor characters. These were great!


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