Things I Loved About Avengers: Endgame

Does the world need another post rambling about Endgame? Probably not.

But having seen the movie twice now, I still have a lot of thoughts and ramblings and feelings and they have to go SOMEWHERE, and a blog post is as good a place as any, right? ;D Plus, it gives my family a break from having to hear me talk about it, hehe.

So, in no particular order, I present to you a few of the things I loved about Avengers: Endgame.

If you haven’t watched Endgame yet, this blog post will contain many spoilers.

Opening the movie with the Barton family.
Initially, when I saw this theory floating around the internet, I wasn’t convinced it would be the movie’s opening because they could pick up the story in so many other places (my guess was that we’d learn what happened to the Bartons through dialogue recounting the Snap). But I like that this was the opening scene. We get answers to a few questions about the fallout of Civil War, and answers about Infinity War.

Easter eggs and throwbacks to previous films.
ALL OF THESE WERE PERFECT. From the surprise cameos to certain ways scenes were framed or characters moved, I loved seeing these tributes to the characters’ journeys over the years. Some favorites: Loki shapeshifting into Steve Rogers, Tony jumping from the balcony like he does in The Avengers, Steve’s exhausted, “I know” to his 2012 self…

The entire 2012 sequence was gold and honestly, I would watch three hours of just that sequence. So much fun. 

The way the characters worked together in the aftermath.
We’ve seen what it was like for the team to fracture and not work together. And while things are far from perfect in the five years after the Snap, I enjoyed seeing the new and changing relationships among those left behind, who all want to do what they can to protect what is left and honor the memory of those who are gone. I really enjoyed seeing Nebula and Rocket joining the ranks of the Avengers! I also enjoyed how hopeful Scott was about time travel and the success of the mission. 

The cameos.
So sort of part of the throwbacks, but also not. While I’d been hoping for a time travel element in Endgame I was so, so surprised at some of the characters who were shown in those time travel sequences. I loved how Tony wasn’t putting up a front of being in control of the situation with Howard Stark, because he never really has been when it comes to his father, yet this was such a great moment for Tony to have.

I was not expecting to see the Hydra guys like Rumlow and Alexander Pierce, so it was fun to see them work some Winter Soldier throwbacks in there as well. I also really liked how Harley was at Tony’s funeral.

And can we talk about Mr. Jarvis making an appearance? I was not expecting that character, much less that it was the same Mr. Jarvis from Agent Carter.

Thor talking to Frigga. 
While we’re on the subject of cameos...

I was not expecting this from the 2013 sequence, but it was so great. For Thor to be surrounded by all that he’s lost, and on such a life-changing day, was an interesting choice and one I really liked.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with Thor’s arc the first time time I watched Endgame (I enjoyed it more the second time though).  It wasn’t that Thor gained weight and that he’s grieving and angry and spiraling—the man deserves the chance to grieve. He feels things so deeply, from joy to failure, and always has. My problem is really that Thor’s emotional arc didn’t feel like it was given the same gravity as some of the other characters’ arcs were, or have been in similar storylines. *shrug* 

But allowing him to have this moment with Frigga, and for her tell him, “Yes, you messed up but you’re not the only one, so don’t give up” was a solid choice and one of my favorite moments in the movie both times I’ve watched it.

Vormir and what happened there.
Honestly, I expected it to be Clint. He’s not quite as popular a character in the MCU as Natasha, and it made sense that he could be the one exchanged for the Soul Stone.

I can’t not think of this conversation in regards to Vormir now. O_o

And while it’s heartbreaking that Natasha has been there almost from the start and worked hard to keep her family together over the years, the decision to make the jump makes sense. She deeply cares for not just Clint, but his family because they are hers, just as the Avengers became her family. Being the one to jump means protecting her family and uniting them, because she truly believes the Avengers can save the day and her sacrifice won’t be a vain one.

Falcon getting the shield.
Another theory I was hopeful about was Steve choosing to remain in the past, because it just felt like it would be the way to end his arc of never truly fitting into the world he woke up in.

Of course, that left open the option for the MCU to pass on the shield to someone else, and I was so so so happy to see Steve choose Sam. I’m really excited to see where that story goes from here.

Steve and Peggy’s dance.
I loved this scene, though it leaves quite a few questions in the wake of Steve’s choices. It’s such a sweet way to close their story, though, and it was a nice, hopeful note for Endgame’s final scene.

The final battle sequence.
So many great moments. Thor’s braids. Cap wielding Mjolnir and all its power. The portals. Infinity Gauntlet Football. The colors and the staging and how it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Captain America finally saying The Thing.

And Pepperony fighting side-by-side? MY HEART.

“I am Iron Man.”
One of my main theories going into Endgame was that Tony would die, and I had hopes that, if this was what was coming for his character, it would be done so in a rewarding way. He had to be the one to defeat Thanos; his story has led to this.

Everything about the death sequence was beautifully done, from the foreshadowing to the moment his heart stopped and the light went out.

I’m fINE.

So there you have it: most of my thoughts about Avengers: Endgame! What about you? What were your favorite parts? Least favorites? Most unexpected scene? Favorite theory that proved true?


  1. *HUGS THIS POST FOREVER AND EVER* Yes we DO need more Endgame posts. I seriously can't get enough of it. THIS MOVIE WAS E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!!!

    I loved ALL of these. LOVED!!! I totally agree that a 3 hour movies of the 2012 sequence would have been gold. That was my FAVORITE part of the film, next to the climax of course! Thor's conversation with Frigga was one of my favorites too. It was such a touching moment. Thor NEEDED that. After all he's been through, and all he has to live with, at least he got that moment. It gets me choked up just thinking about it. :')

    BUT THEN ALL THE ENDING STUFFFFF. The entire final battle scene and Steve saying The Thing YES. Sam getting the shield, Tony's beautiful sacrifice, STEVE AND PEGGY. GAH. SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!!!!

    I will never recover from this movie. NEVER.


      It was such a fun (and funny!) sequence. If there are any deleted/extended scenes cut from the film, I'm gonna need those, hehe.

      Thor ♥ I loved that they chose to include that. Plus, I'm intrigued by some of what Frigga said to him and now I have even more questions.

      Everything about the battle was so cool and intense and suspenseful. The ending was PERFECT. So many wonderful moments.


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