Snippets | May 2019

Time for more snippets! I’ve been blessed with a few very productive writing days this month, and have been able to write some really important scenes. Some were scenes and chapters I’ve been struggling with, but now they are done (for the moment, anyway), and I feel okay about them. ^_^
    Slowly, details rolled into his thoughts: the feeling of metal around his wrists, the dampness of prison cell air, a throbbing in his head that matched the rhythm of his pulse.
    I’m sorry.
    No. An apology wouldn’t do for this. There were too many things to apologize for this time.
    So he told her the truth. He told her what happened, a story with too many gaps that he didn’t yet know the details for.
    Each word hung heavy in the still, thick air of the chamber.
    For a second, Kat wished she could retrieve them. If no one was going to believe her, it was better not to have said them.
    “I’ll make sure you don’t fall. Trust me.” They were hearing and saying those words a lot lately.
    He’d locked away so many details that she couldn’t guess what he might say. Sometimes, she’d envied him the ability to hide things so easily, but then she saw him in moments like this when something was written across his face like a message she wanted desperately to understand but couldn’t. No amount of training had taught her how to decipher such a code.


  1. THE EMOTIONNNNN. These are BEAUTIFUL. Though I'm scared for these characters. What are you doing to these babies???? o.o


    I'm sooo glad you've had some good writing days. Those are the BEST. It looks like everything is coming together absolutely beautifully! <3

    1. Eep! Thank you! (I'm not being...too...mean to them. I think.)


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