Snippets | March 2019

March has been a productive writing month. A few big moments in TAD2 have been written (or rewritten, in some cases), and I’ve also dabbled in some flash fiction stories and prompts thanks to March Promptlies! So today’s batch of snippets is a mix of genres and stories instead of only one project.
    “This isn’t happening. It’s not…no.” He darted into the kitchen and opened the cabinets and checked the side effects on the medicine box. Hallucinations of glittery, disappearing people didn’t make the list.
    His fingers brushed the handle of his knife, a constant check to make sure it was at his side should he need it, and a reminder that he was not wholly unprepared. Outnumbered, perhaps, but not without a weapon.
- TAD2
    He’d done this thousands of times—drawing out clumps of dirt and setting them aside until the ground reshaped beneath his feet and formed walls at his sides.
- One for Sorrow
    They already suspect you’ll turn against them. 
    Kat pressed her palms against her ears as if it might stop the words.
- TAD2


  1. Oooooh. These are great! Always just enough to intrigue pure interest, and yet vague enough you WANT MORE. AGHHHHHH!!! ;D

    Well done on writing this month! I'm so glad the linkup has helped a wee bit in that. It definitely has helped me! :] So excited for TAD2!!

  2. That's fantastic March has been a good month for writing! SO thrilled to hear all the awesome TAD2 progress going on. And I've LOVED your March Promptlies stories. It's been fantastic getting all this story goodness from you! :D


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