Lovely Whatsoevers Turns Five! | Blogaversary Q&A

Today is the fifth blogging birthday of Lovely Whatsoevers! Twelve years ago, I started my first ever blog, and eventually moved to this little corner of the internet to talk all things blogging, bookish, and writerly! *throws confetti*

To celebrate, I’m answering this fun bunch of questions from a few lovely readers!
F R O M  A N N A
What’s your favorite book?
It varies by moment, so for now I’d probably have to say…The Hobbit? (It’s so hard to choose only one!)

What’s your favorite topic to write about?
Hmm… I love writing the dynamics of friendships and family, and how they shape people, and how those dynamics can change over time and through different events.

What made you decide to become an author?
I don’t remember exactly when writing shifted from just-for-fun to something I wanted to do as a potential career, or what exactly prompted the shift. I was probably around fifteen when I really started to look into publishing and realized it was something I would be interested in. Toss in the whole “I’m almost done with high school, so what’s next?” question, and being a writer was added to the list. So...I guess it’s not all that exciting of a story, but writing was something I enjoyed doing and wanted to continue, so I went with it. ^_^

What made you choose self-publishing?
I was fascinated by the different processes in publishing, and a lot of what I was hearing about self publishing made it seem like a good fit for The Assassin’s Daughter, since it was difficult to find agents or publishers who seemed interested in a fantasy story that wasn’t about fantasy creatures or magical places or anything traditionally fantasy. I also have a tendency to write books that are too small books, which is also not a fantasy norm (oops). Of course, TAD grew and changed a lot over the years since then, but the indie route still seemed the best one for the book.
F R O M  C H R I S T I N E
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The community. It’s fun to write about things I enjoy and am interested in, and be able to read similar things from others with the same interests. It’s a nice creative outlet too, that can be more casual than fiction.

What are some things you love to do outside of reading and writing?
Baking, photography, journaling, drawing and lettering, coloring, and traveling.

Top 5 favorite books?
 As with Anna’s question: HOW CAN I CHOOSE?

At the moment, I’d probably have to say these though: The Hobbit, Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, Cress (The Lunar Chronicles), and Treasure Island.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
So many places, but I’d love to road trip the United States. Internationally, I’d love to see Scotland or New Zealand.

What’s your favorite mythical creature?
Dragons, sasquatch, mermaids, and shapeshifter mythologies.

If you were transported into the story of Lord of the Rings and had to switch roles with one of the Fellowship members, who would you be?
At first I wanted to say Legolas but after some thought I’d probably be most like Merry (mom-friend, can be mature and responsible but also not above shenanigans, also not entirely sure what is going on most of the time but trying my best) or Gimli (motivated partially by spite, sprinter, no one messes with my family and friends but me).

F R O M  S A R A H
What is your favorite Scripture verse?
I have a few, but Philippians 4:8 is my life verse, so it’s probably my top favorite.

What is your top favorite fandom community (i.e. Middle Earth, Marvel, Star Wars, etc)?
Middle-earth! Whether you like the movies or the books or both, it’s a great story and so full of hope and wonder, and generally a nice fandom to be in.

Who, if any, of your family & friends, inspires you the most in your stories & writing career?
That’s kind of a hard question to answer. I don’t consciously write real people into my stories or set out to make a character like someone I know, though looking back over stories, I can sometimes see those threads. But I guess I’m most inspired by my family.

What was the title, or gist, of your first ever WIP?
Let me see… If we’re going with non-fan fiction works, that would be a fantasy tale about a firstborn prince living in exile after his father leaves the throne to the secondborn prince. I want to revisit that story someday, and have started a third draft, but something still isn’t quite ready yet. I love the characters and the intrigue and the feeeeeels. It’s had a few titles over the years, but the first was Fight for the Throne.

Of your favorite fandoms (books or movies) do you have a character crush? If so, whose character & personality attracts you the most?
Too many to name, really. *nervous laugh* But I am typically drawn to three types of character crushes: the sarcastic charmer with a heart of gold and good redemptive character arc, the kindhearted boys who look out for those around them and surprise everyone with their strength and determination, and the leaders who make the tough choices even when the right choice isn’t always clear.

And if you have a character who is somehow a mix of all these types… *SWOON*
This was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by this little corner of the internet over the years. I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting Lovely Whatsoevers as much as I’ve enjoyed writing here. :)


  1. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! *pulls out a disco ball and fireworks* It's been SUCH a joy getting to know you through blogging. I cannot wait for many more years of delightful Jamesonness! :D

    This Q&A was sooo much fun to read! I'm totally with you on writing dynamics between people. It's so fascinating. And you're fantastic at it! The relationships in TAD just sparked off the page!

    Yessss to The Hobbit and Cress! Two of my top, TOP favorites as well! <333 And oh my goodness, Scotland and New Zealand are my dream places to visit also. That would be amazing!

    I LOVE your answer to my LotR question. The way you described Merry and Gimli were gold. And so spot on! XD

    I ALWAYS fall for the "sarcastic charmer with a heart of gold and good redemptive character arc" types. Yesss. They're the best! Heheee.

    This was such a delight! Thank you so much for sharing with us. And congrats again on 5 years of blogging over here! That's so special. *THROWS CONFETTI*

    1. *hugs* It's been wonderful getting to know you too, girlie! You're always such an encourager and have such great ideas!

      Awww, thank you so much! ^_^ It's just so much fun to see how characters interact and work together (or not, as the case may be!)! I'm glad they came through so well in TAD!


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