February Adventures | February 2019

How are we at the end of February already? At times, it’s been a busy month but it still doesn’t seem like it should already be over…
Finished the second draft of Unto Ash.
This draft took way longer than I expected, and it’s far from perfect, but I love the story and the characters and already have ideas for the next draft!

Resumed TAD2 revisions.
Starting with a 10K writing day, things have been going pretty well. A bout of the flu meant very little writing this week, but I have story notes ready to go and am starting to feel better, so writing progress should pick up soon!

The Assassin’s Daughter turned two!
My little book baby… *dabs handkerchief at tears*


A hilarious list! Date Idea #8 is my favorite.

Sarah is starting a writing linkup party next month and it looks like so much fun!

This online writing retreat takes place March 25th-27th!
Went to a writing conference.
Due to some weather concerns, I left early, but I did attend a marketing workshop and check out some of the books being offered by local authors!

Went to a CSI presentation.
Crime scene investigation is something I’ve found intriguing since I was a tween, and the library was offering a presentation on the subject, so I went. It was really interesting!
Have any fun adventures in February? What are you looking forward to in March?


  1. Wow, looks like you had an adventurous February! Congrats again on finishing Unto Ash AND making progress on TAD2. Sooo sorry you got down with the flu though. UGH. That is awful. I hope you're feeling much better! <3

    TAD turned two this month? Awwww!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO IT! *throws confetti*

    I'm so honored to have my post be featured! That was a fun one to write. Eheheh. XD

    Ooooh, you went to a writers conference? SO COOL!!! And a CSI presentation? Very interesting! So much awesome stuff!

    I do hope your March is full of more amazing adventure and accomplishments! ^_^

    1. Thankfully, the flu didn't stick around too long. It made for an exhausting few days, but I'm glad to be over it now!

      I knooooow. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S TWO!!!

      The date ideas were so great! I couldn't help laughing as I read them!

  2. I KNOW! How are we 3 DAYS into March??? #WUTTT *ahem* Well DONE on completing the Unto Ash draft! So proud of you, girl! And for beginning the revisions on TAD2 again! So excited!! And I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS for your debut baby :O <--*jaw drops*

    Awww, thanks for linking to my blog! You're so sweet *^ - ^* Christine's fantasy date ideas were my absolute FAVE post of February! I had to show Evan xD

    So sorry to hear you caught the flu. I hope you are fully recovered now! We had sickness making its rounds in my area as well. That's awesome about your trip to the writing conference, I don't keep up with much things like that, but I do wish they offered more of those in my area---I would seriously consider attending. How great about the CSI workshop! It sure is a fascinating (kinda gross) subject. I'm so glad God created those certain people for such jobs cuz I'm POSITIVE I'm not one of them. xD

    Happy March, dear Jameson!!! <3

    1. Where is time going???

      Thank you! I'm so excited to be working on TAD2 again, though I think the slight break was a good thing! :D

      Wasn't it great? I couldn't help laughing through the whole post! ^_^

      Thankfully, feeling much better now! I hope you all are doing well!

      The conference is a really neat opportunity, and I'm glad I've been able to go a couple times. That it's free is a great bonus! Hopefully something similar will happen near you?

      It is a fascinating subject! I agree—not a job I could do, even though I wanted to for a little while!


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