5 Tips for Writing 10,000 Words in One Day

A couple of times a year, I get the notion to attempt a day where I write a massive amount of words and revel in being that much closer to done with a manuscript. Most of the time, those attempts are not as successful as I would like. But, I still like to try!

After finishing the second draft of Unto Ash, I took a few days off from writing to figure out how I wanted to return to working on TAD2’s revisions. With a list of plot and character arc changes to make, I spent Monday on a quest to implement those changes and write 10,000 words. It was tough, but also fun to be able to spend a day just writing.

So here are a few things I found helpful for writing 10K in one day!
Know the goal.
A lot can happen in ten thousand words, so knowing what you want to accomplish is good motivation for focus and keeping up a steady writing pace throughout the day.

For my 10K day, this was a few pages of notes for scenes I knew I needed to rewrite because of changes to the plot and characters arcs, along with new scenes. At the end of the day, I’d written a couple of scenes I hadn’t planned to, but I was also able to complete many that were on my list!

If possible, clear your schedule.
Since I knew I was off from work on Monday, and I really wanted to spend it writing, I used the weekend before to catch up on housework and other to-do list items to make room in my schedule on Monday. While there were few small tasks left on Monday, those were easy to fit in on writing breaks.

Speaking of breaks…

Don’t forget to rest!
At some point on a big writing day, the rush of adrenaline from adding all those words to a manuscript will wear off. But by taking writing breaks, you can stay refreshed and energized to keep working on your story!

If you start obsessively calling your book “My Precious,”
it may be time to take a break...

I took short breaks after writing five hundred words, or between writing sprints, and took a longer break for lunch and reading.

Do writing sprints.
A ticking clock is sometimes just the motivation needed to spark creativity, and this is where sprints can be your best friend. They can be for ten minutes or an hour, or whatever time best suits your writing need! (I tend to prefer sprints that are thirty minutes or less.) And the best thing about writing sprints is that you can set a timer and write on your own, or you can set up a sprint with friends!

Have fun!
Remember why you love your story and your characters. Whether you make it to ten thousand words or not, celebrate the progress you make and have fun chasing those story threads!

What are your favorite tips for making the most of a big writing day?


  1. I am in complete and total AWE that you set out certain days to write 10k words. Especially on a non-NaNo month. :O That is EPIC. I've always wanted to do a 10k day, but have never achieved it. 9k is the farthest I've managed, and that was only once. Usually I can only make it to 8k at the most before I am DONE. Lol. But these tips are so good! One day I'll do it, I WILL. And I will definitely have to remember your wonderful tips!

    And congrats on finishing Unto Ash AND jumping right back into TAD2 revisions. AAAHHHH! GIRL YOU ARE ON FIRE!

    1. 8K-9K is still so AMAZING! I rarely make it to 10K on "10K days", and usually hit a wall around 5K-6K and...then...that's pretty much where it ends. O_o But my average writing day is under 1K anyway, so anything beyond that feels like a *really* good writing day, hehe!

      Thank you! I'm hoping some of that "just finished a draft" adrenaline will be helpful in TAD2 revisions! ;D

  2. These are great tips! I don't think I've ever made it past 3 or 4k in one day, but perhaps one day it'll happen. :] I will certainly keep tips like this is mind. Rest is SO important, but so is knowing your goals & having fun! LOVE this. And I've yet to try writing sprints but I've heard so many great things in regards to its benefits, I do believe it's something I NEED to try.

    Thanks for sharing, girl! <3


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