Time Travelin’: Remembering WWII 2018

Last Saturday, my mom, aunt, and I took a road trip to Linden, Tennessee for Remembering WWII. And it was amazing! This was only my second time attending (here are some photos from the 2016 event!), but RWWII has easily become one of my favorites.

The storefront decor and history displays set up throughout town feature so many cool details...

One of my favorite things about this event is hearing the firsthand accounts of life and the war from the veterans and other speakers.

After the afternoon battle reenactment, there is a short memorial and closing ceremony.

And in the evening, music and dancing! I love music from the 1940s and this event features so many talented singers and musicians. (And the Boyer Sisters’ take on “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” is so fun!)

Have you ever been to a reenactment/living history event?


  1. Oh wow! That looks like such a fun time. Especially the music and dancing! 40s music is such a blast. How cool you got to go!


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