Snippets | September 2018

This month’s selection of snippets comes from Starsong! Progress for it has been slow this month, though I’ve enjoyed working on it in breaks from TAD2.
  She chose her thoughts, and the familiar structures of the observatory’s tools and tables. She chose the faded ink and the newly-sketched lines of various charts and stacks of notes. 
  She chose the observatory and every memory these starscopes had ever witnessed.
  “Eventually, they’ll listen to someone, someday. Maybe it’ll be one of us.”
  There had been so much silence in the observatory after their return that Nadya, for some time, thought she might have done something to upset Chontecleare.
  The large clock tower peered down at her from the main building, its shadow falling across the courtyard as she strode forward across the stone and marble and tried to recall her courage.
  His skin was so very pale, gray-tinged in the wintery daylight. Full of shadows and lines that hadn’t been there a year ago.


  1. Oh my. How intriguing! I'm so behind in my blog readings, I don't recall you mentioning a WIP "Starsong". Looking forward to learning more about it! And keep on keeping on with TAD2 -- I'm LOVING the chapters I've read so far. :D *double thumbs up*

    1. It's a (supposed to be) short story I was working on for Camp NaNo in July, but it's expanded a bit from the plan, hehe.

      Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! :D


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