Twenty-Five | August 2018

August was quite eventful around here. There were birthdays and travel, writing and reading, movie marathons, and of course, the usual everyday happenings.
TAD2 feedback.
Aside from the initial terror of knowing people are reading it in its still-messy state, it’s exciting to be able to get a new perspective on everything to find out what’s working and what still needs improvement, and just see what other people are thinking of the early chapters so far.

Not finishing Starsong?
I wanted to finish this story by the end of the month, and while I probably could if I dropped everything else and just wrote, I don’t want to do that right now. The ending has changed from my original plan, so I’m still weighing how I want to approach it and what else needs to happen to accommodate the changes. I’m still enjoying the characters and the story; I just want to give it the proper attention (even if this is just a rough draft). So the goal is to finish it sometime in September instead!


Christine offers so many great tips for figuring out a character’s arc, along with a look at different kinds of arcs a character can have.

I turned twenty-five.
I’ll admit this gave an introspective and self-reflective air to the month, but other than that, I don’t feel much different than I did at twenty-four. I spent the day with family, had a nice little birthday dinner at home, and finished my Lord of the Rings marathon, so it was a lovely day.

Road-tripped to visit family.
It was a short trip, but it was fun seeing family I hadn’t seen in a while, and playing board games with my siblings and cousins.

Watched Avengers: Infinity War again.
I only watched it once in theaters, but rewatching it at home was just as fun (I watched it twice). There were some cool details and amusing moments I’d missed before. Overall, still a favorite.

Plenty of reading and other bookish things.
Progress is being made on the summer reading list, though I doubt I’ll be marking each title as read by the last day of summer. I’m okay with that. I (mostly) stayed on track with the #jaguarsushiaugust challenge on Instagram. The crayon-themed prompts were so fun and I love scrolling through and seeing the different takes on each one. I also bought The Fall of Gondolin, which I am super excited to read later this year!
How was your August? Have any end-of-summer adventures? Read any good books? See any good movies? Let’s chat!


  1. You turned 25? Aaaahhhh! SO FUN. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm so glad you had a good day. ^_^

    Thank you so much for linking to my post. EEP. I'm honored!

    Infinity War. o.o Ooooh my goodness, I just rewatched it too, and it was interesting getting to really experience it again and notice all the little details (there's just SO MUCH to that movie, it was hard to process the first time through). And of course experience the pain again. So much pain. *sobs*

    I hope you have the most AMAZING September and all your writerly plans go well. You've totally got this!

    1. Thank you! :D

      It was such a great and helpful post! (I don't think I had a chance to properly comment on it but I loved it!)

      Yes! There's so much going on through IW. And so many hilarious lines and moments and stuff! I don't know how I missed some of those one-liners but they were fantastic. But also: MY EMOTIONS.


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