Snippets | August 2018

Like last month, I’ve mostly divided my writing time between TAD2 and Starsong. I’ve been able to check several things off their to-do lists, which is nice and I like to think they’re coming along well. Both are deep in spoiler territory though, so finding a few snippets to share was a challenge!
  Nadya poured tea into their chipped cups and offered one to him. “Are we watching for something special tonight?”
  “Every night sky has something special.”
- Starsong -
  He almost missed the near-constant tasks and training that kept his hands and mind too busy to wonder about what might have been different.
- TAD2 -
 A flash of light tore across the horizon. One bright white flash, then another, and suddenly, the sky danced with thousands of shimmering lines, all drifting down from the sky like drops of rain across glass windowpanes.
- Starsong -
  Bayor would have lectured about every reason not to show such weakness. To pretend they were nothing to one another, even if all the evidence pointed to something different.
- TAD2 -


  1. “Every night sky has something special.” <--I LOVE THAT!

    The prose of all of these was just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! <3


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