Snippets | June 2018

This month’s batch of snippets is a little late today, but here they are! This draft is  close to 80,000 words (*screeches*) and while there are some changes I’m already planning for the next one, the story is progressing well and it’s exciting to see the story coming together a little bit at a time.
Emmie tried not to look at either of them, but she couldn’t help it. The thread of tension in the quiet room was too much to even pretend she could ignore, especially after the constant hum of activity from the shop’s earlier hours. Knowing a secret evaded her only made her curiosity pull harder on all her thoughts, driving them to the same focus.
“Despite what you want to believe, you are not in the company of allies.”
The dark corridors and torchlight gave way to sunlit hallways and decorative banners and tapestries in rich, warm colors accented with coppers and bronzes. In the company of such fineries, Kat felt too keenly the layer of dirt and dust and sweat on her skin and the dirty state of her clothing.
“You’ve always looked out for them, my friend, when I could not, and it is very likely I may have to ask it of you again.”
And a quick note: I’ll be preparing to send TAD2 out for feedback soon! I’m thinking of doing things a little differently than with TAD; instead of sending the entire draft out at once, I’m considering only sending a few chapters at a time (weekly, maybe?). I’ll be starting that in July, so if you’re interested, feel free to let me know in the comments (or you can email me by clicking the little teal envelope on my sidebar)!


  1. “Despite what you want to believe, you are not in the company of allies.” <--- LOVE THIS. That's so intriguing!!! Great snippets, as usual, dearie. And I would SO be interested in helping out however I can with TAD2! :D :D :D

    1. Eep! Thank you! ^_^

      Yay! I'd love to have your input and feedback. :)


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