First Day of Summer Book Sale!

Happy First Day of Summer!

I don’t even remember the last time I watched High School Musical 2
but this song has been looping through my head all day. O_O

To celebrate the occasion, The Assassin’s Daughter is on sale for a limited time! Until next Thursday, the paperback will be available for $8.99 and the ebook will be available for 99 cents!

For most of her life, Katira has trained to take on the role of assassin. While it’s far from the life she would have chosen, the law known as the Inheritance Proclamation dictates that she must follow in her father’s profession. At seventeen, she’ll be expected to use her training on a real assignment any day.

When new information about an old fugitive brings questions about Kat’s past to light, she must make a choice: Prove her loyalties to the Tederan Order and their laws, or become a fugitive to search after answers she may never find.

(And if you’ve already read TAD, maybe consider leaving a review on Goodreads and the retailer you bought it from?)
Are you excited about summer? Have any fun plans for the season?