Stormy Days | May 2018

May was quite a busy month full of life and color. I’ve enjoyed being able to spend a fair amount of time outside this month to enjoy the scenery, sunshine, and the glittery display of fireflies in the trees. It was also a good month for reading and writing!

TAD2 writing weekend!
Having a long weekend was helpful in getting a lot of revision work completed. I didn’t quite hit the mark I wanted, but I completed several chapters and key scenes. I’ll be looking for feedback soon, so if that’s something you’re interested in, let me know! I’ll have more details available soon.

The Pursuit of Merriment hit 700 reads on Wattpad!
I never expected it to be read so many times, so I’m still freaking out a little over this.

Hashtag games.
I played along with #2LiesTues, and shared some fun facts about The Assassin’s Daughter and The Pursuit of Merriment. I also joined some weeks for #ProtagProverbs and #ThursdayAesthetic. If you’re looking for some fun writer games, I’d definitely recommend checking those out.


Three words: TINY INK DRAGONS. (This is an awesome short story and you should definitely check it out.)

This was a really cool batch of names and their potential nicknames. 

Lots of neat ideas and tips on writing retellings!

If you like aesthetic style posts, this one is full of cute, summer descriptions.

I love the gold tones in this cover! (And I’m excited to see how the title reflects the story.)

This was my first time being interviewed on someone else’s blog and I had a great time talking about writing and blogging!
Acquiring a porch swing!
It’s not on the porch so technically, not a porch swing, I suppose. But it’s become one of my favorite spots to spend some time this month when the weather allowed.

Finally watched Black Panther.
There were a lot of aspects I loved and others I didn’t. Wakanda is such an interesting setting and I loved seeing its history and getting to know more about the characters. I would have liked to have seen some more of impact from T’Challa’s Civil War arc in the story (there was some great opportunity to use that), but overall it was fun. *adds all Shuri’s tech to my wishlist*

Created a health/fitness bullet journal.
Due to a variety of factors, this was not my best month health-wise, and my workout routine suffered for it. I’m hoping to remedy this in June, and since I had the material around to do it, I made a bullet journal where I can track those goals and progress along the way.
How was May for you? Any exciting happenings? Any fun plans for June? Tell me all about it in the comments!