Snippets | May 2018

Time again for a writing update and snippets. These are some of my favorites from some recent revisions, and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek at how TAD2 is coming along!
  His fingers tapped softly together, still poised in front of his face. “What are you fighting for, Katira? Aside from getting whatever answers you sought, what drove you to make the choices you have?”
  “We’re not the kind of people who get to ignore the things we don’t want to think about.”
  That promise should never have been made. She shouldn’t have asked such a burden of him; he never would have done that to her.
  He certainly seemed the type of person to conceal more than he ever allowed anyone to see.
  A dangerous type of person to have holding one’s fate.
  The steel was cool against his skin, but Sel didn’t flinch.
  “Where am I?”
  “I’m not permitted to say.”
  “Did Delest tell you you couldn’t?”
  “Everything has a cost.” And the way he said the words indicated he had no hesitation in paying it. “For you, it’s a question of whether or not your life is worth keeping more than a secret.”


  1. EEP! I get so excited when we get a peek into this story! It sounds like it's coming along so wonderful! And dat last snippet. o.o I got CHILLS.


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