The Assassin's Daughter Half-Birthday Celebration Begins!

After a few weeks of spamming the newsfeeds talking about it, the party is finally here!

A day may come when I will not use GIFs of this scene,
but it is not this day.
(August 13th - September 3rd)
One (1) paperback copy of The Assassin’s Daughter
How to enter:
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The Assassin's Daughter by Jameson C. Smith

The Assassin's Daughter

by Jameson C. Smith

Giveaway ends September 03, 2017.
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This is a just-for-fun thing. I’ll be doing a bookstagram theme with them, but the possibilities are endless. If you want to features movies, TV shows, art (be it drawings or hand-lettered quotes or whatever!), go ahead!

This also isn’t limited to Instagram, though I will primarily be posting there as well as on Facebook. I’ll be posting from August 13th through August 19th, but if you’d like to join later, feel free to do so. Here are the prompts and hashtags: 

You can check out the event page here. This will serve as a sort of central hub on Facebook for daily prompts and updates (I’ll be sharing those on Instagram as well), and if you like, you can post your photos for the prompts there too, if you’d rather not post them on your Facebook profile.

I’d love for you to join the party! If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know!