Snippets | August 2017

This draft of TAD2 finally hit the 50,000-word mark this week. It’s deep in spoiler territory now, so choosing which snippets to feature was a challenge. This month’s installment features a few newish characters too...

  Kilam sank into his chair and tented his fingers in front of his face. “But if someone recognizes—”
  A knock at the door cut him off. “Lieutenant?”
  Itar rose from his chair. “We’ll discuss this later?”
  Kilam picked up a crumpled paper from the floor beneath his desk and tossed it at him. “I still want to talk to her myself.”
  Nearly everything he needed to know was right in front of him in dark ink.
  He hated every word.
  Itar was waiting for him when Kilam opened the door to his study. And, as was his custom, he was riffling through the documents on the desk, even though it was well out of his domain of privilege to do so.
  The ghost of her hand in his brushed across his palm.
  “I swear to you I know nothing of his reasons.”
  “What does it matter anyway?” He tossed the question out on a ragged breath, easing back down to the chair as if he might fall.
  He almost looked like a different person dressed in a fine black coat and trousers, a velvet waistcoat the color of plums, and polished boots. The dark waves of hair had been tamed and combed to cover some of the bruising along the side of his face.
  “Were you even going to tell me?”
  “I meant to.”
  “Did you?”
  “Y—yes. Of course.”
  “When?” In spite of the fatigue lacing his words, the edge remained. Cold and sharp like steel. “You had more than plenty of opportunities. Why didn’t you say something?”
  Any number of people might be willing to reveal such information for the sake of keeping suspicion away from themselves and their families. If he were in such a position, Vernin very well could have done the same—or considered it, at least. He wasn’t vain enough to completely deny his own sense of self-preservation.


  1. Congrats on hitting 50k! And oooh my, I can already tell the stakes are getting high and feels are coming just from these snippets. I just know this sequel is gonna be epic! I'm also super curious about these new characters. :D

    1. Thank you so much! I hope it doesn't disappoint. :D The new characters have been so much fun to write!

  2. :O *takes deep breath cuz i forgot to breathe* OH MY. These are so terribly intriguing! New characters??? WHO ARE THEY?? I love how authors can be so cruel in sharing awesome snippets, because I know they feel a sense of pride and success that they've captured their readers' attention. :] You certainly succeeded with me! I need this sequel!!!!! Congrats on 50k, dearie! Well done!

    1. Aw, I'm so glad you like them! Thank you so much! :D


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