What I’m Writing: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017

I’m participating in this month’s session of Camp NaNo. Because when a NaNo event rolls around, I have a difficult time not participating, especially when there’s a story I’m really excited to write.

I’d planned to join Camp NaNo this month anyway, but I was thinking of using it for TAD2. I was afraid that striving for a specific word count would end up being less helpful and more stressful this month for the current draft, though, so I was considering a couple of story ideas that have been brewing in the background.

And then—

A plot bunny strolled into my life like Captain East drifting into the Austenland dining room.

And its name was Sasha. 

Specifically, it was an idea for a Snow White retelling about a prince who fakes his death, and his struggle with doing right by his kingdom. I scribbled the idea down and tucked it away for future research, but it kept growing and decided to become my Camp NaNo project for July: The Drowning of Sasha Ethandrix.

It’s a small project (a goal of 20,000 words).

But I’ve given myself restrictions. I can only start a writing session for Sasha after I meet my daily goals for TAD2. One week in, and this strategy has been successful so far. Both projects are moving along at good paces, and I’m hoping to finish the current drafts of each by the end of the month.


Are you participating in Camp NaNo? How’s your writing going?


  1. That gif! X'D The best.

    I'm editing instead of writing, so it's going fairly well except my editing hour count is way behind. (The website was being wonky and wouldn't let me put in anything under 30 for hours, so I switched to minutes and it seems like a much more daunting task. Still, I'm making progress!)

    The plot for your story sounds intriguing. Can't wait to hear more about it in the future!

    1. The new options are a lot easier for measuring editing progress! (Though measuring it in minutes does sound a little scary...) I hope your book's coming along well!

      Thanks! It's been fun to write so far, and hopefully I'll have some snippets and such to share soon. :)

  2. Ooooh my goodness, this is so exciting!!! Your story sounds so cool and I LOVE the title. It's so unique and intriguing.

    I totally admire you for juggling BOTH projects so well. You're so dedicated to your writing!

    I hope Camp NaNo will continue to go well for you! *waves pompoms*

    1. Thank you so much! I've actually had a hard time figuring out the title and that's the only one that stuck so far! :D

  3. That's a nice compromise so that you can work on both projects! Sasha sounds like a really interesting retelling! Happy writing!

    1. It's definitely helping keep momentum for both stories! :)

  4. (first, in case it isn't obvious, I'm stalking through your blog to catch up on things XD)
    Oh my god, Sasha sounds so amazing honestly! I'm also excited about TAD2, just saying. I'm not doing Camp this month which makes me sad but it was the right decision, I had too much going on and then I was gone for like a week and a half on vacation with no computer so you know. Anyway, I hope camp is going amazing for you and I can't wait to hear more about Sasha! <3

    1. I am quite fond of this little story idea. :) I didn't expect to have this much fun writing it! (And I'm so glad! I hope TAD2 isn't disappointing. ^_^)

      That totally makes sense. Taking a break is good though! And your vacation looked like it was amazing! I loved seeing your updates from it!


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