Summer Sunshine | July 2017

So the title is sort of cliche but July really has been full of sunshine around here. (And heat. So. Much. Heat.) There’s no denying it’s summertime, at least for  little while longer.
Continued revisions for TAD2.
Even with outlines to work from, this draft is surprising me quite a bit. Though I’m behind my goal for this book, writing it has been fun. I’m having more lightbulb moments with this draft, which makes me happy. Usually when those start happening, I know the story’s progressing closer to where it needs to be.

Participated in Camp NaNo’s July session.
This session’s project was The Drowning of Sasha Ethandrix, with a goal of 20K words for a first draft. It is far from perfect, but I have a better grasp of the characters and what the story could be, so I think it’s going well. At the time of writing this, I still have some scenes to write before the draft is complete.
There have been so any lovely comments on LW this month, and I just want to thank you all for those! Also, not totally blog-related, but don’t forget about the upcoming half-birthday party for The Assassin’s Daughter—there’s going to be a giveaway and a photo challenge and I’d love for you to join!

Starting a new exercise routine.
I’ve had to drag myself through it a couple of times but I’m trying to stick with it and see how it goes! I’ve also been tracking steps throughout the day.

My writing nook!

In July, I read nine books. I finished the Storm Siren trilogy by Mary Weber and OH MY GOODNESS. Colin was probably my favorite, though I quite enjoyed the wild card that was Lord Myles as well. And in spite of some mixed feelings about certain things, I also enjoyed The Crown’s Fate and thought it a pretty good series ending.
Tell me about your month! Are you having a good summer?