Character Q & A: Nash Kingston

In the last few months, you’ve probably heard more than you care to about The Pursuit of Merriment. And if this is your first time hearing about it, the short story  is that I chased a plot bunny, fell in love with it, and now it’s a series. :)

And today, I’m interviewing one of the main characters: Nash Kingston!

A couple of facts about yourself?

Nash: Okay… The first one is I’m six years old*. And the second one is—I like trains. I have a bunch of toy ones that Merritt gave me.
(Beginning in The Pursuit of Merriment)

Favorite train in your collection?

Nash: The green one I got for my birthday. It has a track and everything with it. We even put together a puzzle with a picture of one like it. Lydia helped us with it!

From Nichole: Out of all the puzzles you’ve completed, which one has been your favorite?

Nash: Hm. I’ve put together a lot so…Oh! Maybe the one in the living room! It looks like an old map. It took Merritt and me a few weeks to finish it but it’s one of the first big puzzles he got me.

Favorite color?

Nash: I like blue and orange and green.

Favorite food?

Nash: Pizza. And chips.

How do you feel about school?

Nash: It’s okay. I like seeing my friends a lot. But it’s boring sometimes.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Nash: That’s a hard question. Maybe a race car driver, I guess. I bet I could drive really fast!

 You can read more about Nash in The Pursuit of Merriment, A Happy Mess, and An Occasion for Laughter!