Letter From Camp: April 2017

Dear Readers,

Once again, I’m spending April at Camp NaNo. And like last April, I’m working on a new draft of TAD2. So far, it’s going well. I’m still a bit uncertain about some of it, but I can work better with flawed words than with no words.

I’m hoping to reach 40,000 words today. (If I don’t get distracted! There are so many fun things going on at camp—roasting marshmallows with the cabin mates and hearing about all the great stories being written this month!) And trying to spot all the creatures rumored to be hiding in the woods around here…

I haven’t seen the mythical storysquatch yet, but I’m pretty sure I heard the Block Ness Monster splashing around in the lake the other night. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking. Eight days is plenty of time, right?

Well, I’m off to chase after some of my characters.


P.S. Enclosed are snippets.

Vernin chose to say nothing instead of stumbling over a pitiful excuse.

For a moment, the smaller man remained on his hands and knees, head lowered. Blood colored the knuckles of his left hand.

Kilam stared at the door of his father’s study, and not for the first time in his twenty-six years, wondered whether or not to knock.

In the moonlight, he caught the shapes of the cattle in the field to his left. Heard the rustle of  wind in the tall grasses. And if he looked behind him, the glow of the fire was still there—like a beacon of ill tidings for all to see.


  1. I'm glad Camp is going well for you! But do watch out for that Block Ness Monster. (That is the best. XDDD)

    Loooved the snippets! I'm so excited for this book. I hope the rest of Camp provides large wordcounts and easy-coming words! ^_^

    1. I love the Camp NaNo creatures! :)

      Thank you so much!


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