Novel Plot Week: My 2016 NaNoWriMo Prep Plan

If you were around LW this time last October, you probably saw the weekly recaps of Novel Plot Week. The idea came about because I had three different novel ideas for NaNoWriMo and the slight problem of not being able to choose one. So, Novel Plot Week was born as a way to sort out the ideas and see which was the most developed and most appealing.

This year, I have the exact opposite of that problem; my NaNo idea has been set since earlier this year, and though I’ve been dabbling in some short stories brought about by wild plot bunnies, this October I’m not faced with the dilemma of multiple NaNo ideas.

I’m bringing back NPW to help me streamline all the scenes and plot stuff bouncing around in my brain for Tolling Bells. Between the initial ideas and the new ones, the research and the made-up stuff, I need to see what elements are most likely to make it into the first draft, as well as make a reference for characters, setting, and general notes for when I need them.

But with my writing habits, it’s not improbable this will be more of a pantsing venture either way.

Here are my plans for Novel Plot Week 2016:

Monday: Characters
Tuesday: Plot
Wednesday: Setting
Thursday: Additional Research
Friday: Miscellaneous (playlists, additional research or plotting, etc.)

The five-day structure worked out well for me last year, so I’m using it with this NPW as well. As with last year, a recap post will be on the blog on Saturday.

How are you preparing for NaNo? Are you pantsing, plotting, or both?


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