Leaves of Gold | October 2016

The world (or at least my little corner of it) is arrayed in oranges and gold and reds these days, with chilly mornings and sun-warmed afternoons. October was, in comparison to some parts of this year, relatively calm. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to:

* Short stories.
Most of my writing focus has been on noveling this year, but in October I worked a bit on short stories. One is completed and the other is still being drafted. It was a nice break to work on something different. I posted a few snippets here.

* I’m an auntie!
My first nephew was born this month! He is tiny and squishy and completely adorable. And cute. Did I mention he’s cute? 

* Took a day trip to North Carolina to see the leaves.
It was a fun little trip, with lots of pretty sights to see. Autumn is quite lovely this year.

* Blogged about my first ever NaNoWriMo project.
This month’s Lessons post featured Under the November Moon, which was my NaNo 2009 project. It’s kind of weird to think I’ve been participating in NaNo so long. 
* Worked on edits for The Assassin’s Daughter.
I know I talk about this WIP a lot but I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. I’ve got a couple of things I’m still mulling over and figuring out, but other than that, this round of edits is done.

* Finished another Novel Plot Week.
This year’s NPW went pretty well. I focused on my NaNoWriMo project, Tolling Bells. I blogged about NaNo prep and my project here, here, and here. :)

Tell me about your October!


  1. Congrats on becoming an aunt! And I'm so happy to hear Assassin's Daughter edits are going well! Jeez and here I was thinking I'd been doing NaNo for a long time! I did my first in 2013, sometimes it feels longer! But I plan on doing it basically every year now, I mean it's so addicting you know??? Glad Novel Plot Week went well! I was legit still working on my outline last night, oops! But I finished in time to start writing at Midnight so that was good. XD

    My October was hectic? I mean, not a ton happened but it felt hectic - if that makes sense. I took it easy on writing a lot in a bid to chill out because I've been way too stressed but things are getting better and it's NaNo so that helps everything. XD
    Hope you having an amazing month!

    1. It's weird to think I've been NaNo-ing this long! It's so fun and it's hard not to want to keep trying every year. :) I thought about staying up until midnight to write, but that didn't work out as planned. I was able to get up earlier on the 1st though and get some extra writing done.

      Have a great November! :)


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