A Novel Idea: Word Counts

 A Novel Idea is hosted by Sky and Ashley, and features weekly prompts for writers. You can find out more and join the link-up at their blogs!

This week’s prompt:  
What is your current word count goal for your WIP? What are your typical word count goals for your novels? Do your finished projects usually run shorter or longer than you anticipated?

Ah, word counts.

Currently, I’m (hopefully) close to the end of Roguess, which has been fun to write but also a challenge. My initial word count goal for it was 30,000. Everything I had for this story idea pointed toward something in the novella-length range.

I’m over 60,000 words now.

An accurate depiction of my WIP’s attitude
regarding its word count.
I think it will be finished around 70K though. Maybe. 

Depending on the project, I generally aim for 40,000 or 50,000 words. Both numbers are on the smaller side, but I find they’re the most common range I end up with when my drafts are finished. Sometimes, they end up closer to 60K (such as my NaNo novels from the last two years).

Or like Roguess, with its changing word count.


  1. A Novel Idea sounds pretty cool - I might need to join in on this link-up!

    ~ Savannah


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