Blogging Question: How did you find my blog?

One of the best things about blogging is the community. It’s fun and wonderful and encouraging to see a new comment on a post and to know that someone enjoys reading what you have to say. 

But I’ve been curious about something lately, which brings us to the title of this post:

How did you find my blog?

Bonus question: What keeps you reading LW?

I’m just curious about how people find this little corner of the internet. :)


  1. I think I first found your blog through Beautiful People but it was back when I was postting as Alex Steele on my old writing blog Grace&Steele. Then I gave up on that blog and just went back to doing the one blog thing. I keep following you and reading your posts because you're a writer and writers are awesome, your blog is fun, and you're such a nice person! =)

  2. I am trying to remember. I really am. If you were ever a Go Teen Writers person then it's possible we connected through there? And if you were not then I have absolutely no idea how we ever bumped into each other.

    But I stayed because you have nice and sweet reflections and you have a pretty blog design and I never feel a lot of pressure here to be intensely in agreement with you. Sometimes it is nice to just to hear what you think and say to myself, "Yeah. Good for her." Even if it isn't good for me.

  3. I believe I found you because you first found my blog and were always so sweet in your comments.

    I love your blog because you're just so nice and fun. I also think we're very like-minded, and it's so great finding others who shares so many interests and views as me. I love your blog. ^_^


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