Go-to Writing Supplies

I know I’ve talked about this in several blog posts, in regards to certain stories I’m working on, but I thought I would do a general post of some of my favorite writing supplies to have nearby. I’d love to know what yours are! I’m always on the lookout for new ones. :)

I have a lot of notebooks. Much of my writing is done on computer now, but from time to time I’d rather draft a story by hand. Also, most of my pre-writing is done in notebooks, for convenience.

I keep a small notebook in my purse so as to scribble down notes for story ideas to blog posts or just general everyday reminders. It’s super convenient, and an easy way to sneak in a few moments of writing or brainstorming on-the-go.

Pens and Pencils
My notebook collection has quite a rival in my writing utensil collection. I have a weakness for pens, I’ll admit. But pens and pencils also have a way of disappearing around my house. Sometimes they fall between couch cushions or in the floor of a vehicle, or just end up gone. So, I like to think of the excess as a method of being prepared. :) 
Some of my current favorites are scented, fine-point pens I got at Dollar Tree, and a set of multicolor pens I got for Christmas. Also, I have some really nice Avengers pencils and gel pens.

Flash Drives and External Hard Drives
If computer crashes have taught me anything, it is the importance of backing up your work. Thankfully, I didn’t lose too much when my laptop crashed. I’d had fairly recent copies of most of my documents backed up on an external hard drive and some on a flash drive.

I have an 8GB flash drive that I use for quick storage that I got on sale for $8. I also have an external hard drive; it’s 1TB of storage, and I caught it on sale for about $80.

Ergonomic Keyboard
My laptop keyboard has been through some tough times. About 6 first drafts and a number of revisions, and that’s just for my finished fiction. Needless to say, the keys were showing some wear. So to ease some of the strain on my laptop and my wrists, I invested in an ergonomic keyboard a little over two years ago. 

Totally worth it! While it took some getting used to, I actually found it increased my typing speed as well.

Fingerless Gloves
Back in 2010, my mom made me a pair of fingerless gloves, and the impact was dramatic. I wore them all the time when I was working on my computer. Not only did they keep my hands warm, but they decreased cramps in my fingers and wrists. Since then, I’ve had mom make me another pair, which have served me well.

What are some of your go-to writing supplies?


  1. Three words: Papermate Flair Pens. They are beautiful things. I also have some fingerless gloves I like to wear, and also, you can never get me to say no to another notebook. :)


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