Camp NaNo-April Summary

First up: I am attempting to draft this blog post on my phone, so please let me know if the formatting or anything looks weird or makes it difficult to read. :)

During April, I focused on revising my 2012 project titled Down in Flame. It's futuristic fantasy, told in two POVs (first-person present and third-person past), about a girl who gets involved with a group of thieves.

For the most part, revisions went easily. Chapters maintained most of the same scenes and structures, with some polishing. The last five chapters were almost entirely rewritten though. The same story is being told but I think the ending is cleaner and sharper, and hopefully makes more sense.

So with the second draft of DiF completed, I'll probably take a somewhat lengthy break from it. I've had a sequel idea since 2012, and I did some rough outline work for it during Camp NaNo, but it isn't ready to be written yet. So, before I do anything else with DiF, I'd like to get a better idea of the potential sequel, in the event I need to change DiF's ending again.
Here are the stats:
First Draft: 55,053 words
Second Draft: 61,439 words
WC Goal: 10,000 words
Words Written: 27,803 words
So that's how Camp went for me. How's it going for you?


  1. What an awesome accomplishment!! It looks like you got a lot done!!

  2. Congrats! This looks like you did a good job—I hope you continue to enjoy that success. :)


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