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Ages ago, I was tagged by Sarah, from Sarah, Plain and Average, for this LOTR-/Hobbit-themed tag! As you all well know, I’m a huge fan, so I am super excited to dive into these questions! But first:

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1.) How were you first introduced to LOTR/tH? Was it love at first sight/read?
When I was little, I apparently used to watch the animated version of The Hobbit all the time, but I don’t remember this clearly (though I have the DVD now and have watched it numerous times over the years).

So, I remember falling in love with the story the first time I watched The Fellowship of the Ring. My mom had borrowed it from my aunt when it first came out on video, and my mom watched it; I, however, didn’t watch it until the following day. I was hooked ever since (so I was about nine years old—close to ten).

2.) If you could meet the actors who portrayed the characters in the movies, would you?
Now though, I do think it would be cool to meet several of the actors, mainly because the movies have been such a significant part of my life. (As for which actor, currently, I think I would like most to meet Richard Armitage. Or maybe Christopher Lee.)

3.) What is your favorite credits song from LOTR/tH?
Oh, that is a cruel choice, because I pretty much love them all. Can I split them up by trilogy?

“Gollum’s Song” might be my favorite from the LOTR trilogy. 

As for The Hobbit, my favorite would be “Song of the Lonely Mountain.”

4.) The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? Which is your favorite? *evil laugh* (And, no, you don’t actually have to decide. I’m merciful like that. *magnanimous smile*)
*has a crisis*

If this is strictly asking about the films…well, still difficult. 

If I had to pick which film trilogy I liked best overall, it would be Lord of the Rings (with The Two Towers taking first place). Although An Unexpected Journey is my favorite of The Hobbit trilogy.

5.) Who is your favorite all-around character?
I think…Bilbo Baggins. I probably relate to him most of all (except I'm not a burglar). 

  6.) What is your opinion on Boromir?
Originally, I used to wonder how someone who’s sworn to protect the Ringbearer could try to steal the Ring from him, and so I had a mild dislike toward Boromir. Again, I was still pretty young.

As I grew up though, I’ve come to appreciate his character more. I think watching the extended editions of the films and reading the books really opened up more about the character and how human he really is. He’s not a perfect character, but he tries to be what his people need him to be.  (Fun fact: one of my favorite scenes of the whole trilogy is the exchange between Aragorn and Boromir in Lothlorien.)

7.) How many times have you watched the movies/read the books?
Books: I’ve read The Hobbit more times than Lord of the Rings. I used to have to restart the books all the time because I would start them, get stuck/forget where I was when I stopped, and then dive in again. A few years ago I made up my mind to read them all the way through, and so I did. Since then, I’ve probably read The Hobbit closer to ten times, and Lord of the Rings four or five times.

As for watching the movies—I don’t have an exact number, but it’s probably close to triple digits. 

8.) What book is your favorite?
Probably The Hobbit. The Two Towers is my next favorite. 

9.) Who is your favorite female character (other than your answer to question 5)?
I think it would be Eowyn. I remember liking her almost immediately when I first watched in The Two Towers. She’s a well-rounded character, and I love how she anchors the characters around her.

10.) Who is your favorite male character (other than your answer to question 5)?
This is really hard to answer, but I might have to say Legolas. (CONFESSION: I didn’t like him very much in The Hobbit movies…but I love him in LOTR—books and movies).

But I also really like Eomer. 

(And that's just the fellows from the LOTR trilogy.)

11.) Which of the movies, in your opinion, has the best ending?
I think it would either be The Fellowship of the Ring or An Unexpected Journey. Mainly, I think because they open up the rest of the story and lead into the next phases of the adventure, but still tie up their respective sections of the story. And also, the closing shot from Fellowship, where the Nazgul are flying around in Mordor, is one of my cinematic shots ever.

This was so much fun! I’m going to leave this open to anyone who wants to participate. If you do, leave a link! I’d love to see your answers.


  1. EEP! These are great! I love reading the different answers from different bloggers, and seeing the many perspectives. :]

    So glad you did this!

  2. I love this tag. I have so much to say on LOTR it would make more sense for me to just do it myself but I will say I really like what you said about Boromir and Richard Armitage would also be a yes. :)

    1. I could go on for pages about LOTR, but I tried to keep the fangirling contained a little bit. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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