Snippets of Story: May and June 2014

Snippets of Story is a writing link-up from Whisperings of the Pen. 

This month, I’ve been doing a ton of revision work on The Assassin’s Daughter, but I’ve also made some progress with The Luckless Ones. I’ll be sharing snippets from both today.

Ed remained wordless, his focus instead on the mug of cider he brought to his lips. Did he think she was strong enough to go through this without needing to give in to reaction at some point? His perception of the situation differed from hers in a distressing way.  
- The Assassin’s Daughter, Chapter Twenty-six

“Hello, lovely,” Mack said as his face appeared, pixelated by his webcam.
“Hello, dear.”
- The Luckless Ones, Chapter Eleven

Delest bit back a smile. “Trust me, my grudges are not the only things I keep in mind.”
- The Assassin’s Daughter, Chapter Twenty-eight

Pizza Friday officially began at 5:30 in the evening.   
- The Luckless Ones, Chapter Ten

He didn’t blame her for not wanting such a life when she could’ve had more.
- The Assassin’s Daughter, Chapter Thirty-three  

“Oh, no. Trust me, I’d much rather discuss music than clothing, but here you find me. Let’s talk about silks.”
“Satins, dear. We’re going to talk about satins.”
“Those, too.”
  - The Luckless Ones, Chapter Seventeen

“We have to say goodbye at some point, don’t we?”
- The Assassin’s Daughter, Chapter Thirty-two


  1. Whew! These are so vague, I wanna know what's going on!! ;D Great job, Jameson!

  2. Oh my goodness, I want in on Pizza Friday.

    I especially enjoyed the snippet in which fabric is being discussed. Cute and funny. ^.^

    1. Thanks! The fabric discussion scene was actually very fun to write. :)


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