Beautiful People: June 2014

 Beautiful People is a character-oriented blog meme hosted by Sky at Further Up and Further In and Cait from Paper Fury. You can find out more by visiting either of their blogs! 

There are some great questions this time around, and I’m looking forward to see what answers are in store. For this round of Beautiful People, I’ll be focusing on the two main characters of my book, The Assassin’s Daughter. 

** introducing Kat and Ed **

1) What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it? 
Kat:  Katira, though a few people call her “Kat.”
Ed: Edellion. Kat calls him “Ed.”
(These are the names they brought with them into the story, and so I went with it. At the moment, I don’t think they have any special meanings or stories behind them.) :)

2) How old are they, and when were they born? 
Kat:  Seventeen years old. Born in mid-Autumn.
Ed: Also seventeen years old, but he is a few months older.

3) Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it!)
Kat: Her hair is dark blond (she always wears it in a braid), her eyes are dark brown—her sister thinks they resemble a cow’s eyes—and she stands about five-and-a-half feet tall.
Ed: He is tall. His black hair brushes his collar and is, more often than not, rather messy, much to the dismay of his superiors. His eyes are gray, and Kat often thinks they lean toward silver.
(I haven’t yet found any photos that resemble them. *sigh*)

4) Describe your character's personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.
Kat:  Wishful. She dwells on the past and hopes for things that will likely never be within her reach. This mindset often distracts her from tasks at hand. She spends a good deal of time wondering what life would be like if certain events had never occurred.
Ed: Disillusioned. He tends to see through the layers of events around him, and tries to understand what is happening to avoid any nasty surprises, but rarely expects anything in particular. He’s resigned to circumstances, but he is not always pleased with them.

5) What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc? (Do you want to reword that or does that work? I'm not sure...)
Kat: “Maybe I’m Afraid” by Kerrie Roberts fits several aspects of her story, I think.
Ed: Hmm, I’m not certain that he really has one yet. I tend to think of songs like “Angelica” from Pirates of the Caribbean or “I Never Woke Up in Handcuffs Before” from Sherlock Holmes. They fit his mood, I suppose.

6) Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character?
I’m not really sure. They are both training to be  Assassins, so in some instances, “hands that shed innocent blood,” could be applicable, I suppose.

7) If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air), which one would they be?
Kat: At first I’m inclined to say Earth, but I think it depends on where she is in the story. She might also be Air, though.
Ed: Fire, without a doubt. Despite an often calm appearance, there are a thousand things burning inside that mind of his.

8) What is their favourite word?
Kat:  Family. She likes the sound of it, and how it brings to mind those she cares about. It is a word which brings her a bittersweet sense of happiness on most occasions.
Ed: Ed’s word would be... Kat. He trusts very few people, and he trusts her most of all, and so he almost equates her with a sense of security.

9) Who’s one person they really miss? (It could be someone who’s passed away, or someone they’re not close to anymore, or someone who’s moved away.)
Kat: In connection with the above question, she misses her family. She misses her father, after seeing him dragged away to his death when she was small. Because she no longer lives with her mother and younger sister, she misses them and wishes she could see them more than a couple of short visits each year.
Ed: He chose to stop missing people a long time ago. This decision is made easier by his reluctance to form an attachment to anyone, with a small number of exceptions. If Kat’s whereabouts are unknown, he often spends time sulking and worrying about her. Though, he would probably never admit aloud to anyone that he misses her.
10) What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?
Kat: She most remembers the smell of the soap her mother made. The scent brings to mind her childhood memories of helping her mother around the house, especially when her sister was a baby.
Ed: The sound of storms sometimes brings Kat to mind. They both shared a slight fear of them as children and learned to overcome it together. 

And there you have it! I had so much fun answering these questions.


  1. Assasins in training? Yes please! :) I like that you did two characters that go together (right?) Interesting! :D I hope you find pictures of them soon.

  2. This sounds awesome! I want to know more about the story surrounding these characters. :)

  3. Ooooh, they sound awesome! Anything about assassins has my interest. ;P

  4. Training to be assassins? Do go on... :)


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