Farewell, June! | June 2023

We have now passed the halfway mark of 2023! I do think June was a month that seemed to race by, though most of its busyness was of the ordinary, everyday sort. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Slow but steady progress!

I had a goal of writing 20 times this month, and while I’m going to be just under that (I think I’m at 15?), I’m not unhappy. The point was to make time to write in between all the other life busyness happening, and I did. I even ventured out to the library and a local coffeeshop for writing a couple of times, which I haven’t done in a while! I’ve also had a potential plot fix come up for an older WIP, which is exciting to brainstorm now and then.


FicFrenzy's Summer Event by Christine Smith

I’m not participating in this summer edition of FicFrenzy, but if you’re looking for a writing challenge to join, I believe there are a couple weeks left of this one. (And the summer version has the addition of Factions, which sounds pretty fun!)

Space Girl Summer is Back by K.J. Haakenson

This was such a fun event last summer, and this year, there is a journal full of inspiring prompts and ideas to go with it!

Yearly Goal Check-ins.

I’m not going to accomplish most of the goals I set out for this year, which is disappointing and a bit disheartening, but I’m still going to work toward most of them. Progress over perfection, right? :D A lot of unexpected circumstances have required a shift in some goals, and so it’s definitely been an opportunity to practice being graceful with myself and circumstances.

Time with family.

Summer tends to be a busy time of year, especially for family gatherings and holidays and things. My parents and I also spent a weekend visiting my grandmother who lives in a different city, which was fun.

How is your summer so far?