Goodbye, May! | May 2023

Here we are at the close of yet another month! So far this year, I think May felt like it passed quicker than the other months have.


Slow progress.

My biggest writing accomplishment this month was finally getting through some brainstorming and a tough chapter. This month has been busy, and sometimes the brain power to write just hasn’t been there, or the time I could allot to writing has been less than I would like, which has made for slower progress than I wanted, but I did have some really nice writing sessions throughout the month.

Blogging has fallen way behind what I had planned for this year, but I’m looking to post a little more throughout the summer than I have been.

Spending time outside.

Sometimes it’s been reading, but a lot of it has been spent enjoying the sunsets, the return of the fireflies (or lightning bugs, as I usually tend to call them, hehe), and the milder-than-normal weather. Usually May isn’t a spring month here—it’s an extra month of summer—but this year it has been really lovely and cool most days. 

Watching movies.

I watched a few movies this month, but my top favorites were Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.3 and Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. (It’s been two days since I watched Guardians and I have yet to fully recover from the feels.)

How was your month? Have you had any fun springtime adventures?