Farewell, April! | April 2023

April has been a busy month, especially this past week or so. Lots of spring cleaning and work stuff and general life things. Weather-wise, it’s been a pretty month overall, if a bit chillier than expected; I’ve been enjoying the coziness of the cool days and the sunshine of the warm ones, for sure.

The second half of Christine’s spring FicFrenzy event was this month and I got a bit of progress done on my WIP, especially a couple of hard scenes.


I’ll admit to pretty much not keeping track of my reading on GR or in my book journal for most of this year, but I’ve been making my way through a few books this month. I’m currently rereading Dearest Josephine by Caroline George, which has been a good cozy read for rainy days this week.

Going to a screening of The Return of the King!

My mom and I caught one of the twentieth-anniversary screenings of the extended edition of The Return of the King at a local theater and it was super fun! I haven’t seen any of the extended editions in theaters before, and hadn’t seen ROTK in a theater since 2003 (the occasional rerelease screenings have never been at a theater near me before), so it was a very nostalgic event, and a little bit magical.

Tell me about your month! Any fun highlights? Writing wins? Is it more wintery or spring-like where you live?