Goodbye, March! | March 2023

March has been a very busy month, and in many ways, a tough one. And it definitely feels like it passed very quickly—surely there were a couple of weeks missing somewhere??

Chipping away at some TTS revisions for FicFrenzy!

I’ve not talked a lot about TTS during these revisions, just because this draft feels like one to keep a little quieter about until it’s actually done. But I’m very happy with the amount of progress made in the past couple weeks and hope to keep up that momentum for a while!

2023 Bullet Journal Tour

March is also my blogaversary month, even though I didn’t do anything to celebrate it this year. Sixteen years ago, I started my first blog, which was much different in style and tone than my current one, but blogging has definitely played a role in my journey as a writer!

(Also: Blogger has been weird and not letting me reply to comments on posts—I’m working on it though!)

My great-aunt passed away.

We knew it was close given some recent health developments and dementia progression, but it was still hard to say goodbye. She was more like another grandmother than an aunt, and such a sweet and kind person to everyone she met, and a presence that will definitely be missed.

A pet emergency.

One of my family’s cats, Grey, gave us a scare earlier in the month, but is doing much better now. There’s been some adjustments since he has a new diagnosis that requires a special diet, but he’s on the road to recovery and we’re optimistic.

Spring has arrived!

Despite the many meltdowns I had this month, I’m still grateful for the arrival of spring. It’s been so nice to see the world coming back to life in little pops of color and flowers and birdsong. (Though, honestly, it’s mostly been very cold this month, which has made it seem like winter was hanging on a bit!)

How was your month? Any exciting happenings? Do you have any fun spring adventures planned?