Farewell, December! | December 2022

The end of another month is upon us, alongside the end of another year. Overall, 2022 has been a lot different than I might have guessed it to be, and December was as well. This was a busy month, which was to be expected with holiday happenings and preparation, but there were some other circumstances that made it feel more chaotic than I was expecting.

But for the most part, this month and this year were good.

I finished Project: Leaf Pile’s first draft!
It’s a bit shorter than I expected (37,502 words), but hey, it’s only a rough draft, right? And it’s just fun to have written something new and finished it.

Writing fluff.
I also dabbled in a couple of fluffy, for-fun projects. Very little plot, but it was fun to revisit some characters in a different setting than usual.

This year it was rather chaotic and a lot different than planned due to the super cold weather, but it was still lovely getting to spend time with family.

Preparing a bullet journal for 2023.
I like using planners and decorating them, but I wanted to finally try out a bullet journal for my main planner in the coming year. It may not work out, but I’d like to see how it goes, and I’m having fun decorating it and planning out things to include!

December was a pretty good reading month. I read a few Christmas-y things (including my friend Anna’s debut novella, A Curse for Christmas!), and finally caught up on my Goodreads and book journal updates for the last couple months. And I finished my fourth TBR Jar pick for 2022, which was Romeo and Juliet. (I’ll have a blog post coming up soon about my favorite books, movies, and shows from 2022 as well.)

How was your Christmas? Are you looking forward to a new year? Do you have any fun things planned for 2023?