#SpaceGirlSummer | My Space-Themed Summer To-Do List!

Do you make seasonal bucket lists?

I only started making them a couple years ago, and usually only for autumn and December. However, I did make one for this summer!

And then I saw this post from @TheFreckledWriter on Instagram, and just had to make a #spacegirlsummer list as well! (Check out her blog for more info!)

Since life has been super busy and this post is going up a lot later than I had intended, this is a mix of sharing the list and checking in with what I’ve accomplished so far.


This is pretty much on my to-do list all the time whenever the sky is clear enough, but I definitely put it on this list because there are a couple of meteor showers that I try to catch every summer. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

Reread The Lunar Chronicles.

I’ve read Fairest and am currently reading Cinder. Hopefully, I’ll finish the rereading the entire series before the last day of summer arrives!

Write a space or star-themed story.

I’ve already done this, and it was so much fun!

Do a space-themed journal/planner spread.

I have a lot of space/galaxy stickers for this one! 

Watch a space movie or TV show.

I’ve watched Thor: Love and Thunder, but I may try to get a few more space movies or shows watched before the season ends...


What’s your favorite space story?