Snippets | May 2020

This post is late because I thought I’d scheduled it before I went on vacation—and apparently I had not. Oops.

This month, the snippets are from three different projects that I’ve been working on: Unto Ash, Starsong, and a short story about the characters from The Assassin’s Daughter and The Treasonist’s Son. (Listing them all here makes it sound like I’ve made more progress than I actually have. *chuckles nervously*)
    There were alleys to her left and right, a curve in the street ahead—but no where they wouldn’t be able to find her.
    What had she been thinking?
    “You were outnumbered. The fight wasn’t fair.”
    Most fights weren’t, but it hurt too much to voice the thought.
    The sleek shine of copper and bronze winked at Nadya in the evening sunlight.
    “Do you have a name?” one of the soldiers asked.
    Not that she would give without good reason.
    He gave her the lead in walking away, following slowly until her pace slowed.
    “That was stupid,” she said, not looking at him but standing still until he was beside her.
    “Says the girl who intervened.”
    He’d heard every story, every legend, and his hands were ink-stained and calloused from writing the words.


  1. OOOOH. So intriguing! You've given just enough to make me desperate to know what's going on! And oh my goodness, that LAST ONE. *heart-eyes* Such a beautiful line!

    OH. MYYYYYY. Love these so much!!! I am seriously so very intrigued. "Says the girl who intervened." <-- love that! And the last one---EEEEEEE. It's just---GAH, so beautiful! We done!


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