2019 Oh, What Fun! Christmas Blog Party

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Can you believe we’re so close to Christmas??? The last week has passed in a blur of holiday preparations and happenings but I think I am mostly prepared the holiday to be here.
What marks the start of the holiday season for you? What’s your favorite holiday? 
To me, it always feels more like Christmas once the tree is up. And my favorite holiday is definitely Christmas!

Decorating strategy: Keep it simple or decorate all the things? Do you have a favorite ornament/decoration?
Mostly, I’ve kept decorating simple this year. For my writing space, I put colorful fairy lights up, and put a Christmasy quote on my letterboard.

What Christmas song is stuck in your head this year?
“Christmas Time Is Here” or “It’s a Marshmallow World” are probably the two I have running through my head the most this year.

Some friendly controversy: When is the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music?
I listen to it throughout the year when the mood strikes me, but I usually start making my yearly Christmas playlist in November and start listening to it then.

Do you like wrapping presents or despise the task?

I’m kind of an odd one in my family because I like wrapping presents. I think it’s kind of calming? My strategy this year was to keep the decorating pretty simple, so I didn’t use bows or ribbons. 

I did pick out fun paper though! One is Elf-themed and the other has the lyrics of “O Holy Night” in a pretty script font against a shiny blue background.

What are your favorite holiday dishes or treats to make? Favorite to eat?
Homemade fudge and sugar cookies are my favorites to make. They’re among my favorites to eat, too!

Favorite holiday apparel? Show off those hats, socks, and ugly sweaters!
Every December since I was about fourteen, I’ve worn a Santa hat. It’s one of my favorite festive little things, along with all kinds of fun Christmas socks. And this year, I bought a Buddy the Elf shirt. IT HAS LIGHTS IN IT, Y’ALL. (It may also be my first ever ugly sweater, and I love it so much.)

“Smiling is my favorite.”

Do you have any holiday reading traditions? What are your can’t-miss holiday movies or TV shows?
I try to read A Christmas Carol every December. One of my can’t-miss Christmas specials is A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I’ve watched already this year. I usually watch Year Without a Santa Claus and Rudolph, but I actually missed those (and a few others), which is weird and slightly disappointing.

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
I love the coziness of it all—the glow of the lights, the music, the traditions. I love being able to spend time with loved ones and passing on our family traditions to my nephews. I love the reminders of the peace of Jesus that we can find in even in the busiest moments if we’re willing to rest in His presence.
What are your favorite things about the Christmas season?