Snippets | April 2019

Another round of snippets coming to you courtesy of Camp NaNoWriMo! It’s going well, aside from falling behind a few times, and I’m expecting to meet my goal by the end of the month.
    “Katira’s given plenty of her side of the story,” he said, “but I imagine there’s a great deal more you’re not telling.”
    A narrow stone path wound a circle under the small collection of trees and plants, most of which were empty of color and signs of life, though she spotted points of color where leaves had fallen and not yet been swept away.
    Some parts of the past fell away easily, but others did not.
    “Are you sure about this?” The question had been a constant chime in Kilam’s thoughts since Itar had first mentioned his grand ideas, but finally voicing the words brought no peace. However, there was some consolation in knowing that Itar might choose to answer the question.
    “What you’re risking—and asking all of us to risk alongside you—is enough to earn us all a trip to the gallows.”


  1. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!! Especially the last one. Gotta love high-risk missions. ;)

  2. I'm so glad Camp is going well! And EEEEE! All these snippets make me SO curious about what's going on! Also the: " Some parts of the past fell away easily, but others did not." line. o.o Wow. Powerful stuff! Loved these!

    I hope this last stretch of Camp NaNo goes WONDERFULLY! *waves pompoms*

  3. GAHHHHH. These SNIPPETS!!! They're just enough to whet one's whistle! NEEEEEED MOOOOOOORE. . .


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