Words | November 2018

November was a very full month, with the approach of the holidays and the ever-nearing NaNoWriMo deadline. I had a wonderful month, full of words and fun happenings and really enjoyed the days, even if it was a little hectic from time to time!
This year’s novel took up all my writing energy (making this one of the rare NaNo years where I didn’t end up chasing random plot bunnies for procrastination), and I hit 50,000 words on the 28th. This draft of Unto Ash is far from finished though, and I expect it will take another 20K-30K to complete it. I’d like to work on that in December, as well as return to some work with TAD2. I’ve had a blast writing Unto Ash for NaNo, though!
Blogging was slow this month, with NaNo and holiday prep, so I didn’t write many blog posts or read very many (I plan to catch up on comments and such in the coming weeks!).
Usually my family hosts lunch, but this year we hosted supper instead. I spent the morning helping my mom with some baking and cleaning tasks, watched the Macy’s Parade on TV, and wrote. The evening was spent with good food and fun conversations!

Traveling and sightseeing.
A couple of times, my family took a scenic drive to see the autumn colors and enjoy the lovely November days. We also took a trip to see my grandparents on my dad’s side.

Norris Dam.

Going to the movies.
I haven’t been to the theater very much this year at all, but my sister and I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody one evening after work, which was fun.

Going to the zoo.
I haven’t been to the zoo since I was a little kid and can only just remember it. It was fun to spend an afternoon going there with my parents, grandparents, siblings, aunt, and nephew.

Just a couple of flurries, really, and nothing that stayed. BUT IT SNOWED IN NOVEMBER. (This also happened to be on the two-year plot-versary of The Pursuit of Merriment, which I found most amusing.)
Tell me about your November! Any  fun Thanksgiving happenings? Did your NaNo novel go as planned?


  1. I'm so, so happy you had such a good NaNo! And it sounds like it was a fun month all around. That's so cool you got snow! :O Aaahhhh! SO FUN.

    Can you believe tomorrow is DECEMBER??? Craziness! But I do hope you have the most amazing December! :D

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      It's a week into December and I still can't believe it. O_O Have a lovely month, dearie!


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