Summer Days | July 2018

July was a busy month, full of familiar routines and a few little adventures. There really isn’t much to recap, but here’s a quick overview at what July looked like around here!
Camp NaNo (again)!
This month’s project was a fantasy short story called Starsong. I met my 10K goal for the first draft. I have a few scenes to finish up but the first draft is almost done!

The first chapters are ready for feedback (at least, as much as this writer stuck in revisions can make them *nervous chuckle*)! If you’ve read TAD and are interested in offering feedback for TAD2, you can sign up here!

If you like scifi stories with a little bit of creepiness, Bright Eyes season two premiered earlier this month!

Kate’s giving away signed copies of her novels, along with other cool prizes. (There’s also a list for every stop in her book launch blog tour.)

I haven’t tried this recipe yet but it looks delicious!
Spending time with family.
There were a few family gatherings this month and as always, I enjoyed spending time with loved ones and hanging out around the fire pits on nice summer evenings.

One of my favorite nature photos from the month.

Checking out new writing spaces!
I spent some time writing at the library and at a local coffee shop. It was fun to write in different environments and mix up the writing routine a little bit.

How was your July? Did you have any fun Independence Day plans? Enjoying the summer so far? Let’s talk!