Camp NaNo Checklist

Camp NaNoWrimo’s first session of 2018 is here! Like NaNoWriMo, it is one of my favorite writing events and I look forward to it each year. With the ability to set a personal goal instead of aiming for NaNoWriMo’s iconic 50,000 words, Camp NaNo tends to be much more relaxed, but I still try to prepare (at least a little bit).

Plenty of fluffy plot bunnies and dangerous plot holes await, and it’s best to be ready, right?

Whether it’s a favorite writing program on your computer or a specially chosen notebook and writing utensil, in order to must have writing gear! I use both paper and electronics for writing, and often switch between. There are so many options and so many ways to get those words written!

Embrace your inner Baby Groot.

Many of my WIPs have writing playlists that I tend to keep on repeat while I work. Some songs remind me of characters or scenes, while others are just on the list because they help my brain slip into writing mode.

It varies by writer but whatever your writing fuel may be: Keep a stash of it nearby in case of emergency writer’s block.

For me, it’s usually chocolate. Because chocolate is awesome.


Writing is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, and while often energizing, it can be exhausting too. So have a plan for when you hit burnout or just need to recharge your creativity. Get some exercise in, watch a movie or favorite TV show, or start that book you’ve been wanting to read. It’ll help.
What are your Camp NaNo must-haves? Are you participating this month? If so, tell me about your project!


  1. This is such a perfect writing checklist! Pretty much all things I try to do myself! Though sometimes I toootally fail at the whole resting thing. Especially during NaNo. :-/ But it is so, so important.

    Also your gifs were perfection. XD

    I do hope Camp goes amazingly for you! Cheering you on! *waves pompoms*

    1. Yeah...I'm not the best at the resting thing. O_O But feeling rested is helpful when it comes to wrestling with those stubborn plot problems! ;D

      Thanks! It's going well so far, aside from being a bit behind earlier than I expected. I'm enjoying how the story's coming together so far though!

  2. I'm LOVING Camp! Can't believe I've not participated YEARS ago! Due to my schedule, Camp is so much more relaxing and stress-free than NaNo in November. While I may participate in NaNo again (though most likely not this year), I'm certainly planning on Camp in July!

    My must-haves include my laptop (duh), my trusty notebook, colored pens, and right now iced Chai tea lattes. :D If there's noise or things going on in the background, I'll grab my pink, light-up cat-ear headphones to listen to whatever movie soundtrack I feel like at the time. Last week, it happened to be the Russian music of The Hunt for Red October, of all things. . . O__O (And I'm writing a fantasy/medieval novel. . .) xD

    So glad to be in your cabin, dearie!! I've had a blast so far. :] <3

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying Camp! It's definitely waaaaay more relaxed than NaNo, and a lot easier to work in a schedule than NaNo can be sometimes.

      Colorful pens for the win! (Also—those headphones are amazing!) I'm not familiar with that soundtrack but I'll have to look it up. Soundtracks make awesome writing music. ^_^ Isn't it fun where inspiration can come from?

    2. Definitely. *thumbs up*

      Yes! And thanks, found 'em at Walmart and couldn't resist. ^ - ^ Yes, do! And if you've not seen the movie, it's a classic I would recommend. :] Sean Connery & a [young] Alec Baldwin. Based on a book series, but I've never read them. (I'm afraid the books would be loaded with language. Don't really recall TOO much language in the movie... but it's been awhile since I've seen it. One of my faves!!)


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