Oh, What Fun! 2017 | Christmastime is here!

Today, I’m participating in the first week for the Oh, What Fun! blog party! I’m in an even more Christmasy sort of mood this year than usual, so what better way to start off December blogging than with some Christmas questions, eh?

What’s your favorite holiday (it doesn’t have to be one from the “holiday season”)?
Definitely Christmas. (But is anyone really surprised?) 

How do you know when the holiday season has officially begun?
Everything just starts feeling different around the beginning of November. Christmas lights start making appearances through town and you can just feel the holiday spirit kicking in. 

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
I love the glow of the lights and the special treats and coziness and all the little traditions and memories that come with this time of year. They make me happy. :)

Have any holiday wear? Show off those hats, socks, and ugly sweaters!
As always, December 1st is when I break out the Santa hat! I also have some “ugly sweater” socks with cats on them, but I don’t have pictures of those...

Some friendly controversy: When is it appropriate to listen to Christmas tunes?
To quote SpongeBob: Aaaaallll the tiiiiime!

I generally listen to Christmas music year-round. Not constantly, but it does find its way through my headphones a few times throughout the year before the holidays arrive. Sometimes, when I need to write an argument scene I’ll start up my Christmas playlist and let it play in the background. It’s weird, but effective.

Speaking of Christmas tunes: Share your favorites!
These are just a few of my favorite holiday tunes.  

What’s your favorite holiday? Favorite Christmas tunes? Tell me about them in the comments, or join the blog party here!


  1. I can't believe it's already here!!! We're going get our tree today (yes, we don't have one decorated yet...but TODAY!!). :D LOVE your playlist!! Almost every single one you have listed is a fave of mine, and then there's several I've not yet heard. Must listen to them now! Thanks for sharing, Jamie! I hope you and family have a lovely Christmas season filled with the joy of Christ and family. <3

    1. Yay, Christmas tree shopping!

      I'm glad you like it! There are so many pretty versions of Christmas songs out there so it was hard to narrow it down to just a few!

      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, dear!


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