Days of Thanks | November 2017

November is usually a pretty busy month around here, and this year was no different. The holiday season is probably my favorite time of year, despite the sometimes overwhelming busyness of it all. It was a good month though, and a great time to look back at all I have to be thankful for.
National Novel Writing Month.
Pretty much all of my writing energy went to this. I got a few scenes revised for TAD2 but mostly I worked on the first draft of Spinner & Kidd. I made it to the 50K goal, and I also realized this story may be better suited to being a short story. But it was fun to play around in a new storyworld for a while and it was nice to make this year’s NaNo my fourth consecutive win! 

Ebook updates.
A few small changes are coming up for The Assassin’s Daughter ebook editions (the only difference between this and the first edition ebooks will be the distributor and some of the interior formatting). I’ve only got a couple of things to finish up and I am hoping it will be a quick and easy transition over to the new platform, and I’ll update all the retailer links and library info once everything is settled.

I’ll be reuploading chapters soon. There aren’t any major changes to the story, but I wanted to get rid of some of the typos and things like that before the Christmas reading season begins. ;D
It was kind of a slow blogging month, with NaNo and all, but a total of five posts went up on LW this month, which is more than I expected to write. I did not get much blog reading done, however, so feel free to leave links to your favorite blog posts of the month!

Watched Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-man: Homecoming.
I didn’t hate Ragnarok as a I feared, but it’s definitely my least favorite of the Thor movies. It was funny and some aspects of it were amazing, but it didn’t wow me. (I’ll be posting a review with more thoughts soon.) I really enjoyed Homecoming though, even more than I expected!

I finally finished rereading The Lunar Chronicles and read Wires and Nerve for the first time. It was my first attempt at a graphic novel and I thought it was a fun addition to the TLC universe. I also got my copy of Renegades. It’s not my favorite of Marissa Meyer’s work, mostly because I didn’t feel as connected to the characters as I would have liked, but it was a fun read all the same. I definitely plan to read the sequel! I also finished Halayda by Sarah Delena White, which was a really fun fantasy adventure.

My family hosted a small get-together at our house this year. We spent the morning watching the Macy’s parade on TV while we prepped everything for lunch, and after some unexpected turkey problems, we had a nice lunch, followed by an afternoon of relaxing and watching holiday movies.
How was your November? Did you participate in NaNoWriMo? How was your Thanksgiving?