A Look At My Blogging Journal

With the third blogaversary of LW coming up (also marking ten years of blogging for me—what!?), I’ve got a few blogging-themed posts for this month. First up: A look at my blogging journals!

Blogging Journal #1:

I’d heard about blogging journals over the years, but didn’t keep one. Then for Christmas 2014, one of my brothers gave me a bunch of writing supplies. Among them was a hardcover journal featuring the Avengers. Because it was a slimmer journal and fit perfectly in my purse, I decided to use it as my first blogging journal. 

Usually, I scribbled post ideas on the next available blank page and referenced it when I was drafting the blog post on my computer. Sometimes, I also included notes for scheduling or images, or even blog design. 

And when all the pages were filled, I decided to start a new one!

Blogging Journal #2:

I wanted something similar in size to the Marvel journal, and found this pink one at Walmart for under $5. I also love the yellowed pages.


I decided to organize this one a little more than my first blogging journal. I’ve sort of been incorporating some bullet journal ideas for it. The front page features general blog info. Around the start of each month, I make a page for blog stats. (I track followers and pageviews.)

Then, I add the recurring post section. This is where I list the month’s Lessons post theme and reminders for snippets and a monthly recap. Beside these, I list the intended publication date for them (if these change, I just mark the new date there as well).

In the ideas section, I keep a list of—drumroll—post ideas. For example, this month is my blogaversary so I wanted to do some blogging-themed posts (like this one). I also list any tags or linkups I want to participate in that month.

In the pages after the stats page, I make more notes about the posts: questions for the tags and linkups, post drafts, or even any images I need to create or include for each post.

While I don’t always follow the schedule I put in my blogging journal, it provides a space to keep my blog info and post ideas so that I can come back to them and (hopefully) improve.

Do you keep a blogging journal? Tell me about your process!


  1. I have never heard of blogging journals before! This is brilliant! :O And both your journals are so great! I love Marvel, and pink is my favorite color, so YES!

    I am in awe at how organized you are. You're an inspiration, girl!

    1. It's a fun way to keep track of ideas. And the pink one was so bright and colorful I couldn't say no! :)

  2. I've never even heard of keeping a blogging journal, but it sounds like something I'd like to do! (though, knowing me, my perfectionist side would kick in and I would end up driving myself nuts, haha) I'll probably dedicate one of my notebooks as a blogging journal ;). Thanks for the idea, Jameson!

    ~ Savannah

    1. It's a pretty fun way to keep track of ideas! My planning process is kind of messy anyway, so...my blogging journal kind of reflects that, hehe. I'd love to hear about yours if you start one!

  3. Oh, a blog journal is such a good idea! I have something similar in my bullet journal, but having a separate one for just your blog is really smart. :)

    1. Thanks! I love some of the techniques and decorative stuff for bullet journals, and so I thought it would be fun to try it out in the blogging one. :)


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