New Year | January 2017

January has been an incredibly busy month, but when I sat down to start writing this post, I admit I had a difficult time remembering exactly what it was I’ve been up to. 

So, yeah. Apparently I was Rick Grimes this month.

* We got our first real snow of the season.
A grand total of 7.5 inches. And the rest of the month has been like spring.

* I wrote a sequel to The Pursuit of Merriment.
I confess, I didn’t think anyone was going to really care about these characters. I’ve happily been proven wrong. So if you like The Pursuit of Merriment, there is now a sequel short available on Wattpad as well, titled A Happy Mess.

* Preparing for The Assassin’s Daughter launch!
Everything is moving along rather well, and so far, on schedule! I’m also freaking out just a little bit. I have an awesome launch team helping with the cover reveal, so keep an eye out for that on February 2nd!

* I failed at my reading goals.
I set the goal of reading five books in January. I’ve finished two and about a third of another. I’m planning to read a lot in February to make up for it.

* I participated in #WIPjoy again!
Out of all the hashtag games and chats on Twitter, I think this one is my favorite. This time, I once again featured The Assassin’s Daughter, for what is almost certainly the last time.

* Prepping some new blog post ideas!
If there’s a prize for worst blogger of January 2017, I guess I’ve already won that. But I started a new blogging journal this month and have several posts in the works for February, so the blogging routine should normalize soon. Also, my blogaversary is in March (ten years of blogging!), so I’m hoping to have some fun things lined up for that, as well as some blogging-themed blog posts. Is there anything specific you might like to see in those posts?

So that was my first month of 2017! Tell me about yours!