I'm Planning A Blog Series (And I Need Your Help)

I'm planning to start up a blog series soon. I want to make it something interesting, so I have a couple of questions for you, my lovely readers!

First, a quick explanation:
The series will be a look back over my writing projects (novella-length and novel-length) with at least one completed draft, featuring what that WIP taught me about writing in the process. Also, probably a few random facts about each WIP and some stats, when available. Sort of like my usual writing updates, but also featuring some of my older projects.

This will probably be a monthly or bi-monthly feature on LW.

My questions:
1) Would a blog series like this interest you?
2) What other info might you like to see in the posts?

Thanks so much!


  1. I would be interested! And I would read them whenever I can :] I'd love to see something like a character spotlight, too! Whether it's the main character or a fun, minor character.

    1. Ooh, yay! I'm hoping to get those started this month, possibly around the 19th. And I love the idea doing character spotlights. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  2. VERY MUCH INTERESTED YES. :D It sounds so fun! I looove getting inside looks at people's stories and their processes and things like that. It's my favorite!

    Like Sarah said, characters being featured would be a lot of fun!

    1. *happy dances* I do too! Writing is so different for everyone and it's so fun to see the different processes and methods. :)


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