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This week's theme is: Writing Style/What You Like To Write

I've been writing fiction consistently for nearly ten years, and during that time my writing style has definitely grown. I've found what works best for me, but I also don't mind changing things up from time to time. Today, I'm talking about three of my favorite things to write:

Favorite POV:
I've dabbled in first and third most (though I've tried second-person for shorter works). Of the three, third is my favorite to write. It's usually easier for me to write and to include different narrators.

That being said, some of my narrators have been strictly first-person because that was the only one that suited them. Most of the time when I'm writing a first-person narrator, I have a second narrator in third-person, but not always.

Favorite Tense:
Past, especially if I'm writing in third-person. Third-person present is fun but I don't use it for really long segments of writing.

In first or second, I mostly use present tense.

Favorite Genre:
I'm a genre dabbler, but mostly I write fantasy and almost all of my stories can be narrowed to that category. So far, I haven't written an epic fantasy story set in a sprawling world with ancient histories, but I want to and have an idea for one to write at some point. Where fantasy is usually written on a really grand scale, I like writing smaller-scale stories best. 


  1. Maaajor kudos to you for doing third person. That one's been REALLY hard for me to write, so I don't most of the time. Also, it's awesome that you write fantasy--that's one of my favorite genres. I really like that you do smaller-scale fantasy stories. The world definitely needs more of those!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks! It's mostly what I read, and it's what I started writing in first, so I think that's why I like third-person so much. :) And fantasy is just so much fun!


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